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AIT’s proprietary system delivers a balanced formulation based on Nitric Oxide (NO).

AIT’s novel, sophisticated delivery system, NOxBS, is designed to provide hospitalized patient with a gaseous formulation based on Nitric Oxide (NO).

The system continuously monitors inhaled NO concentration, NO2 concentration and fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2). Patient’s safety parameters such as Methemoglobin and vital signs are closely monitored during treatment.

Our system is designed to be user friendly making the operation and maintenance of the system very intuitive for the medical staff allowing a reduced training time.

In addition to our solution targeting inpatients, we plan to develop a system that will allow for homecare NO therapy. In the future, we plan to launch our NOxAB, a homecare system for maintenance treatment of CF patients. The system will be simple to use and will incorporate multiple safety mechanisms that will facilitate the use of the system without the supervision of medical personnel.

Advantages of NOxSYS

AIT’s novel drug delivery technology has a number of advantages over other NO formulation delivery systems:

  • Optimized to deliver an antimicrobial dose of NO
  • Effective and adequate coverage of the surface area of the lung to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes
  • Integrated monitoring system that continuously checks system and patient parameters
  • Programmable to deliver different dosage regimens for a wide range of lung infections
  • Ease-of-use and portable




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