“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
—James Cash Penney

Working together, we can successfully and safely manage diseases to change the course of human health. At AIT, we view partnerships and collaborations as a fundamental part of building a prosperous, diversified healthcare business.

Joining together with other organizations helps us advance our scientific research and develop products that address the health requirements of people around the world.

Clalit Health Services – Mor Research Applications

Clalit Health Services is the world’s second-largest HMO. Mor Research Applications is fully owned by Clalit. Mor offers technology transfer services and manages research funds secured by doctors and researchers.

Mor’s commercialization portfolio contains more than 60 different projects in various stages of development. Mor has more than a decade of experience, ensuring the commercialization process for these inventions to be profitable for researchers, industrial partners, and the public at large.

Mor’s research fund division currently handles over 1,000 funds for Clalit doctors and researchers. Clalit employs some 32,000 physicians, professors, nurses, scientists, lab technicians, and administrators, serving 4 million members in Israel.


We seek long-term partnership with partners who are dedicated to improving human health.

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